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Clairissa helps host. The neighborhood. House rules.

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Check-in is anytime after 3PM and check out by 11AM. Read all rules. House Rules. Report this listing. Things to do near this home. Explore other options in and around Las Vegas. Tom Price. Baldwin's Gate. The Orchard. Tower Isle. La Valletta Brianza. La Ventana. Garden City. I know where they are. Don't you? Here, let me go first. She did, and when they had reached the door she was waiting for them with a candle in her hand. She thrust it on Gerald. Then she took the key from the outside of the door, put it in the inside key-hole, and turned it.

The room they were in was small and high. Its domed ceiling was of deep blue with gold [52] stars painted on it.

The walls were of wood, panelled and carved, and there was no furniture in it whatever. Shut your eyes, please.

And give me your word of honour you won't look till I tell you, and that you'll never tell any one what you've seen. Their words of honour were something that the children would rather not have given just then, but they gave them all the same, and shut their eyes tight.

Then there was a creaking, rustling noise. And they looked. The room was not the same room, yet—yes, the starry-vaulted blue ceiling was there, and below it half a dozen [53] feet of the dark panelling, but below that the walls of the room blazed and sparkled with white and blue and red and green and gold and silver.

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Shelves ran round the room, and on them were gold cups and silver dishes, and platters and goblets set with gems, ornaments of gold and silver, tiaras of diamonds, necklaces of rubies, strings of emeralds and pearls, all set out in unimaginable splendour against a background of faded blue velvet. It was like the Crown jewels that you see when your kind uncle takes you to the Tower, only there seemed to be far more jewels than you or any one else has ever seen together at the Tower or anywhere else.

The three children remained breathless, open-mouthed, staring at the sparkling splendours all about them, while the Princess stood, her arm stretched out in a gesture of command, and a proud smile on her lips. But no one spoke out loud.

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They waited as if spellbound for the Princess to speak. The others [54] were already busy turning over the wonderful things on the blue velvet shelves. You think I can't see inside you, but I can. I know what you've been thinking. I say, let's all dress up and you be princes and princesses too. He turned from fixing it by an ingenious adaptation of his belt to find the others already decked with diadems, necklaces, and rings.

What ugly clothes people wear nowadays! A hundred years ago——". Won't they be wanting to see you, after a hundred years, you know? They're having their dinner. They won't expect me yet. Here," she added, hastily putting a ruby bracelet on Kathleen's arm, "see how splendid that is! Kathleen would have been quite content to go on all day trying on different jewels and looking at herself in the little silver-framed mirror that the Princess took from one of the shelves, but the boys were soon weary of this amusement.

You could play besieged castles awfully well in that maze—unless you can do any more magic tricks. I don't play games. And I don't like to do too much magic at a time, it's so tiring. Besides, it'll take us ever so long to put all these things back in their proper places. It did.

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The children would have laid the jewels just anywhere; but the Princess showed them that every necklace, or ring, or bracelet had its own home on the velvet—a slight hollowing in the shelf beneath, so that each stone fitted into its own little nest. As Kathleen was fitting the last shining ornament into its proper place, she saw that part of the shelf near it held, not bright jewels, but rings and brooches and chains, as well as queer things that she did not know [57] the names of, and all were of dull metal and odd shapes.

This bracelet—any one who wears it has got to speak the truth. This chain makes you as strong as ten men; if you wear this spur your horse will go a mile a minute; or if you're walking it's the same as seven-league boots. The Princess caught her by the wrist. That brooch will give you any wish you like. Couldn't you give us each a wish? The Princess did not at once answer. And [58] the minds of the three played with granted wishes—brilliant yet thoroughly reasonable—the kind of wish that never seems to occur to people in fairy tales when they suddenly get a chance to have their three wishes granted.

But I'll let you see the ring make me invisible. Only you must shut your eyes while I do it. And then you must shut them again, and count fifty, and I'll reappear. One, two, three, four——". Gerald and Kathleen had both closed their eyes. But somehow Jimmy hadn't. He didn't mean to cheat, he just forgot. And as Gerald's count reached twenty he saw a panel under the window open slowly. Secret panel, you know. For still there was no Princess to be seen.

You know you're only hiding. But I don't mind. We'll play that you can't see me, if you like. If you're hiding, as Jimmy says, you'd better come out. If you've really turned invisible, you'd better make yourself visible again. The sun was blazing in at the window; the eight-sided room was very hot, and every one was getting cross.

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What he was saying was broken off short, as one might break a stick of sealing wax. And then in the golden afternoon a really quite horrid thing happened: Jimmy suddenly leaned backwards, then forwards, his eyes opened wide and his mouth too. Backward and forward he went, very quickly and abruptly, then stood still. Oh, Jimmy, dear Jimmy! And instantly she did. But not for long. The moment Gerald felt hands on his shoulders he put up his own and caught those other hands by the wrists.

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  • And there he was, holding wrists that he couldn't see. It was a dreadful sensation. An invisible kick made him wince, but he held tight to the wrists. Get hold of this hand, and then you can feel your way down to her legs. Kathleen did so.

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    I wish I could make you understand how very, very uncomfortable and frightening it is to feel, in broad daylight, hands and arms that you can't see. Gerald did, and the moment he had done so he found it impossible to believe that he really had been holding invisible hands.

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    Do say you are. You've had your joke with me.