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Before long they and their two young sons were running. There was no time to warn her parents, staying in the same hotel. The four of them made it into a Jeep, and were driving away, when the tsunami overtook them. Her husband died in the churning water.

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So did their sons, ages 5 and 7. So, it happens, did her parents. The Jeep turned over on Ms. Deraniyagala, nearly crushing and drowning her.

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She survived, miraculously, by clinging to a tree limb. It maintains a tight focus.

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This book contains nothing about tectonic plates, the pressure per inch of water or the numbers of the dead. About her family, Ms. I was doomed all along, I am marked, there must be something very wrong about me.

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Why else have I become this shocking story, this wild statistical outlier? Or I speculated that I must have been a mass murderer in a previous life, I was paying for that now.

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They keep watch over her for months. Deraniyagala is a close observer of her own anger, more deranging than purifying.

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Stop blubbing, I thought, shut up. You only survived because you are fat.

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The book opens and we are inside the wave: thirty feet high, moving at twenty-five mph, racing two miles inland. And from there into the depths of the author's despair: how to live now that her life has been undone?

Sonali Deraniyagala tells her story - the loss of her two boys, her husband, and her parents - without artifice or sentimentality. In the stark language of unfathomable sorrow, anger, and guilt: she struggles through the first months following the tragedy -- someone always at her side to prevent her from harming herself, her whole being furiously clenched against the reality she can't face; and then reluctantly emerging and, over the ensuing years, slowly allowing her memory to function again.

Then she goes back through the rich and joyous life she's mourning, from her family's home in London, to the birth of her children, to the year she met her English husband at Cambridge, to her childhood in Colombo while learning the balance between the almost unbearable reminders of her loss and her fundamental need to keep her family, somehow, still with her. Wave is sad.

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